Soulblight Gravelords: A New List

Countess Isabella Trantafyr

In the last post (quite a while ago) I wrote about the games I played with a Kastelai list at the summer London Open. Since then I played a one-day event at Bad Moon Café with a similar list, which swapped out the Vargheists and Fell Bats for a mercenary Mega-Gargant (an excuse to paint the excellent Mierce Miniatures giant skeleton Banbreca). Three losses – a disaster vs Sons of Behemat, a very close loss vs Tzeentch/Archaon, and a loss of one point vs another Kastelai list.

Tower Banbreca from Mierce Miniatures, enlisted into the service of the Trantafyr dynasty

Lessons learned: always double-charge Mega Gargants, three Mega-Gargants beat one, don’t leave room for Archaon to charge Prince Vhordrai while leaving your Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon within 18″ of Kairos Fateweaver’s mortal wound shenanigans, and  kill the Coven Throne while you have the chance.  Could have played the first one better but I rolled very badly. Second could have gone either way despite the losses. Third was due to some poor choices on my part.

The London Open list

Since then I have been working on a different Soulblight list, which won three games at the London Open two weeks ago – a result I was really pleased with. Quite a different list: Vyrkos dynasty, giving bonuses to skeletons and zombies, and casting rerolls. This list is much more of a Swiss army knife, using support heroes to buff up Grave Guard for high damage output, Deadwalker Zombies and Deathrattle Skeletons as screens or to sit on objectives, Fell Bats to run around absorbing shooting, and Neferata to provide defensive buffs and take out mid-level monsters. I’ll be using the same list with some minor tweaks (extra spells instead of extra artefacts) at Bad Moon this weekend for a two-day event. At the London Open it beat Ossiarch Bonereapers, Big Waaagh!, and Cities of Sigmar. Lost to Lumineth (as expected but by a narrower margin than I’d thought, which was great), and to Morathi and the bow snakes – which taught me a valuable lesson about not always keeping Grave Guard in the grave.

The next post will follow the tournament, and I’ll go through how the list works and how it did.

Spooky scary skeletons


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